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Jolly Roger

Specializing in events on board the fleet, the Jolly Roger usually offers visitors a fascinating adventure of Jesolo and a half hour dedicated to the reenactment of the legendary pirate Jack Sparrow, Henry Morgan and the Black Corsair, this particular excursion, articulated in a series of shows and attractions that include the sharing of the guests at the height of boarding the galleon enemy, it is suitable for all ages. The crew of animators drag the occasional pirate games, entertainment, fun! Faithful reconstructions of the Venetian fleet back to the period between the seventeenth and the nineteenth century, the galleons of the "Jolly Roger" are constructed and consistently complied with European regulations for the transport of persons on board and are equipped to receive people with disabilities ensuring the use of all facilities on board. Throughout the summer tourists from Jesolo have the opportunity to buy tickets on board. Do not hesitate to contact us for information or to learn any promotions and offerings that Storione Hotel in Jesolo offers its guests